Russia and China are actively using Turkey in anti-Ukrainian information operations

The PRC is actively involved in supporting information companies of the criminal Russian regime – to discredit its victim Ukraine. To do this, they involve Turkish President Erdogan, who has a real influence on the situation in the Black Sea and in southern Ukraine. As noted by many world media, Putin is using the peace negotiations proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping and Turkish President Erdogan in order to disrupt international support for Ukraine and shift the blame for the lack of negotiations with the Russian occupiers onto the long-suffering Ukrainians.

China (1,500 million people) continues to attract Turkey (85 million people) to offer its own negotiation platforms to supposedly resolve the situation in Ukraine. Russia uses them to advance its information operations against Ukraine. This is reported, for example, by the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Analysts pointed to the cynical statements of Kremlin criminals, which only feign the “good intentions” of the state, which continues terrorist acts against the Ukrainian people.

Thus, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Galuzin and China’s Special Representative for Eurasian Affairs Li Hui met in Moscow on March 2 to discuss “China’s desire to facilitate peace negotiations” between Russia and Ukraine. Both stated that it is “impossible” to discuss a settlement to the war in Ukraine without the participation of the Russian Federation and “without taking into account (the Kremlin’s – ed.) security interests.” Mikhail Galuzin and Li Hui complained about Western and Ukrainian “ultimatums” and “dialogue formats.” In their opinion, they only “harm the prospects for a settlement and cannot serve as a basis” for this. Following these meetings in Moscow, the Chinese special envoy is expected to visit Ukraine and unspecified EU countries.

Let us note that the current leadership of the Russian Federation and China consider their countries and peoples to be strategic partners. Witnesses say that the Chinese are already growing onions in the Rostov region (next to the Ukrainian state border) and do not hire local Russians, whom they consider lazy and unscrupulous workers. In all likelihood, farmers from China dream of turning the entire Zaporozhye, Kherson, Nikolaev, Odessa regions and the Crimean peninsula of Ukraine into one “big greenhouse”. It is obvious that in this ecosystem, Turkey’s role in the Black Sea will be minimized. China will flood the Black Sea with its ships manufactured at former Ukrainian maritime factories on the Black Sea.

Currently, Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan said during the Diplomatic Forum in Antalya on March 3 that Ankara hopes for a “soon start” of ceasefire negotiations in Ukraine. There is also a mistaken belief that “both sides have reached the limit” of what they can achieve through military action. Turkish President Erdogan recently announced that Ankara is ready to provide Russia and Ukraine with another negotiating platform, which Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov publicly rejected on March 1.

All sane analysts see that Russian officials continue to brazenly blame Ukraine and the West for the lack of peace negotiations between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, despite numerous public Russian statements suggesting or directly stating that Russia is not interested in a good faith dialogue.

Lavrov recently said that Ukraine lacks “good will” to negotiate with Russia, implying that the lack of substantive negotiations is supposedly Ukraine’s “mistake,” not Russia’s. The representative of the aggressor country cynically argued that people who “misunderstand which side is to blame” also “do not understand the reality of the situation.”

Obviously, negotiations should begin with determining the time for the withdrawal of Russian occupation forces from the territory of Ukraine.

Any Russian statements suggesting that Russia is or always has been interested in peace negotiations are likely attempts to feign interest in order to encourage the West to take measures to prevent Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity, and to shift the burden of negotiations to Ukraine and the West.

Advisor to the Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Mikhail Podolyak commented on the possibility of reaching an agreement with Moscow in the spring of 2022. According to him, there were no real opportunities.

According to the Military Party, if the Russian Federation (the former RSFSR (144 million people) from the USSR (292 million people)) does not remove its troops from Ukraine and does not compensate for the damage caused, then this geopolitical ecosystem will likely face complete destruction. To do this, the Ukrainians will gradually destroy a critical part of the critical objects of the Moscow Federation using different forces and means. This will lead to the fact that the entire Urals, Siberia, the North and the Far East will “fall like ripe fruits” to the countries of Asia.

Chinese leaders only need to make a few simple suggestions to Putin and his aides to stop the war and occupation of Ukraine.

Russia is a deadly terrorist state for the world

On the morning of January 2, the Russian Federation shelled Kyiv. In several districts of the capital, houses and non-residential buildings caught fire as a result of the rocket attack. More than 40 people are known to have been injured in a fire in a high-rise building in the Solomyan district. As Mayor Klitschko reported, 37 people were hospitalized. It is also known about two dead people.

On the morning of January 2, Ukrainian air defense forces shot down 72 Russian missiles from 83.

Before Ukraine, no country in the world had successfully repelled such combined attacks using drones and missiles, including air-launched ballistic missiles. Today alone, Russia fired 10 Kinzhal missiles at Ukrainians

Ukrainians are grateful to every soldier of the Air Force, all the fighters of mobile air defense groups, every anti-aircraft gunner and the whole world who helps by providing weapons to protect Ukraine from Russian killers.

Each additional air defense system and missile saves many lives. It is here in Ukraine, and with the help of air defense, that we need to demonstrate that democracies can protect lives from all types of terror.

If the world fails to cope with this task in Ukraine now, Russian terror will continue to spread throughout Europe and beyond. The feeling of impunity of the Russian leadership, formed by decades of unlimited power, has already led to much suffering and loss of people.

Russia must bear responsibility for the deaths of people, as well as feel the strength of those who protect them.