China-Russia railway tunnel with military cargo explosed – 4000 kilometers from the border with Ukraine

Ворота в Северомусский туннель @PStyle0ne1

The X-account “rainbow7852” (@rainbow78521) posted on the social platform today that on November 30, a large explosion occurred in the Severomuisky tunnel connecting Russia and China in Buryatia, Russia.

Without evidence, it is assumed that the SBU (State Security Service of Ukraine) planted four explosive devices in the tunnels. When the explosion occurred, a train with 41 fuel tanks, 3 jet fuel tanks and 6 ferrous metal cars was passing through the tunnel. This choice reflects careful preparation. With the tunnel blown up, it will be more difficult to transport Chinese military aid, drones and other goods to Russia.

According to British media outlet the Daily Mail, the North Muisky tunnel is approximately 2,480 miles (about 3,991 kilometers) from the Ukrainian border and is the deepest point in Russia where Ukraine has launched an attack so far. According to available data, this actually proves Ukraine’s ability to conduct military operations on Russian territory.

Huge networks of railways, power grids, and gas pipelines in the vast, sparsely populated territory of Russia are very vulnerable to various attacks.

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