Russia is a deadly terrorist state for the world

Russian missile attack on Kyiv

On the morning of January 2, the Russian Federation shelled Kyiv. In several districts of the capital, houses and non-residential buildings caught fire as a result of the rocket attack. More than 40 people are known to have been injured in a fire in a high-rise building in the Solomyan district. As Mayor Klitschko reported, 37 people were hospitalized. It is also known about two dead people.

On the morning of January 2, Ukrainian air defense forces shot down 72 Russian missiles from 83.

Before Ukraine, no country in the world had successfully repelled such combined attacks using drones and missiles, including air-launched ballistic missiles. Today alone, Russia fired 10 Kinzhal missiles at Ukrainians

Ukrainians are grateful to every soldier of the Air Force, all the fighters of mobile air defense groups, every anti-aircraft gunner and the whole world who helps by providing weapons to protect Ukraine from Russian killers.

Each additional air defense system and missile saves many lives. It is here in Ukraine, and with the help of air defense, that we need to demonstrate that democracies can protect lives from all types of terror.

If the world fails to cope with this task in Ukraine now, Russian terror will continue to spread throughout Europe and beyond. The feeling of impunity of the Russian leadership, formed by decades of unlimited power, has already led to much suffering and loss of people.

Russia must bear responsibility for the deaths of people, as well as feel the strength of those who protect them.

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