About the Chinese company in the field of electrical engineering production

This is a reference article about an important Chinese company in the field of electrical engineering products. The company holds exhibitions: Middle East Energy, Nigeria Energy, Egypt Energy, Africa Energy Expo. See the link at the end of the article.

Yuhuan Olain Electric Co., Ltd. was established in September 2005.We are specialized in various types of conductors for medium voltage and ultra-high voltage. Our main products are cable accessories, copper and aluminum terminals, and nuclear power hardware. Conductors of various schemes for top expansion, various upper and lower isolation contacts and isolation knife contacts of ring network cabinets,conductors of vacuum circuit breakers on columns, various types of soft connections, insulator inserts guides, high-voltage pass-through aluminum conductors and other products. We have highattainments in the manufacture of non-ferrous metal sne-cial-shaped parts, and has accumulated a certain reputation in this field. Our company continues to pursue progress, improve capabilities, and continuously improve and make breakthroughs in technology.

The company’s future mission, vision, values, internally are to create conditions for the material and spiritual happi-ness of all employee…


Yuhuan Olain Electric Co. Ltd Website +8613736235299


Ganjiang Industry
Taizhou, Zhejiang