Ukraine has been the third source of EU imports

EU agri-food trade

China is losing agricultural imports from Ukraine. The reason is the support of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Ukraine has been the third source of EU imports, with
a value of EUR 8 billion since January. Cumulative
imports between January and August remained 23%
higher compared to 2022, with an increase of EUR 1.5
billion. However, monthly imports have slowed along
the year and have been below their 2022 level since

Brazil stands as the first source of EU agri-food
imports, with a value of EUR 11.9 billion between
January and August 2023. However, imports from
Brazil decreased by 10% (-EUR 1.4 billion) compared
to 2022, in particular for coffee, cereals, and oilseeds
and protein crops (partly due to fewer imports).
UK is the second source of EU agri-food imports, with
EUR 10.1 billion since January. This is a EUR 442
million increase (+5%) compared to 2022, mostly in
cereals and cereal preparations.

Other significant increases of imports can be noted
from Turkiye (+EUR 615 million, +17%) compared to
2022, as well as from Egypt (+EUR 477 million,
+48%), mostly for fruit and vegetables in both cases.

Publication: November 2023

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